The first China Soft IP Conference will be held in November, Copyright Protection Center of China Be

Release time:2017-07-11

The first China Soft IP Conference, supposed to be held in November of 2017, is received extensive attention from all circles of the society since launched in March. The sponsor- Communication University of China invited Copyright Protection Center of China to be co-sponsor to strengthen profession and authority of IP copyright protection. With the aid ofco-sponsor China Soft IP Conference, IP production exploration, IP transformation, IP management and IP incubation, bilateral parties release the aim of transformation and upgrading of physical economy.

Copyright Protection Center of China, directly under the The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, is a organization of national authorized copyright public service, focusing on systematically innovation of copyright service technology, model and mechanism, being authorized organization of copyright industry service with the largest scale and the most comprehensive functions.

Sponsored by Communication University of China and organized by IP Research Center of Advertising School, China Soft IP Conference is the first domestic grand event, focusing on IP incubation, integration and communication. The press conference of the first China Soft IP Conference was successfully held on March 29th, 2017, and the first China Soft IP Conference will be launched in November of 2017. After joining this conference, Copyright Protection of China with subordinate periodical office of “China Copyright” will enhance IP content production and transformation developed in the field of IP, to protect copyright of domestic original IP and international IP and provide assistance. Also, Copyright Protection of China will recommend international famous expert as speech guests.


This conference consists of prime forum, special sub-primes, IP value index release, one-to-one high-level dialogue, IP classic case roadshow, presentation ceremony and creative activities. Then, world-known elites in the field of IP, IP licensing experts, representatives from international famous IP operation companies, media elites at abroad and home, experts and scholars from the fields of communication and brand are invited to attend this conference. This conference is to build a platform for wisdom, trade, information and communication and will grow into a brand event in the field of IP.