Judging Process 

1. Jury

Based on award categories, members of jury are selected randomly from 50 expert think tank. Jury consists of 9 experts.

Member of expert think tank from:

    Production experts from Net literature, movie, TV shows, entertainment, game, cartoon, including writer, scriptwriter, producer, director, investor

    Content planning expert and operator of play platform

    Senior operator of IP copyright

     Licensing distributor expert

     Expert of innovation, planning, operation from marketing communication organization

     City brand expert

     Live-action entertainment expert

     Consumer brand client

     Commercial real estate expert

     IP copyright lawyer

     Senior media observer

     Film and movie scholar

     Marketing communication scholar

2. Appraisal Steps

       First Appraisal: this step provides effective appraised projects through date analysis and selection.

       Final Appraisal: reference for “Final Appraisal Method”

       Award to public:awarded program will be publicized for a week.

3. Final Appraisal

       Award appraisals of ②③④⑥ will be marked through date analysis and expert appraisal. For part of date analysis, based on date appraisal criterion, appraised programs will get a date evaluation conclusion; for part of expert appraisal, experts will give a reasonable score based on non-date evaluation criterion. The final marks of award appraisal consist of above two parts.

       Award ① :Based on criterion of date appraisal, experts provide date evaluation conclusion for programs through date analysis.

       Award ⑤⑦⑧: Each expert will give a mark to programs through non-date evaluation criterion.

4. Appraisal date and process

       Deadline of Case Delivery: Before September 21st, 2017

       Date of First Appraisal: September 20th—October 10th

       Date of Final Appraisal: October 11st – November 10th

       Public Date: November 11st – November 18th

       Date of Award Ceremony: November 28th, 2017