Application Information


1.  Case limited in mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macau, mainly in Chinese

Date Deadline: September 21st, 2017

2.  Categories of Case Collection

    ①Annual IP Potential Value Award

    ②Annual IP Business Application Award

    ③Annual IP Marketing Innovation Award

    ④Annual IP Licensing Distribution Award 

3. Categories of case invitation

    ① Annual IP Potential Value Award

    ②Annual IP Business Application Award

Annual IP Marketing Innovation Award

    ④ Annual IP Licensing Distribution Award

    ⑤Annual IP Contribution Award

    ⑥Annual IP Individual Development Award

 4. Requirement

    ①  Case abides by Chinese law and rules;

      Delivery case has to match requirement of file format

There is no limit to numbers and categories.

    ④ IP with copyright disputes is not in the delivery case collection, and it also can participate in selection of other category.

    ⑤ Delivery Date: IP developed and finished during January 1st, 2016 to September 20th, 2017.

    ⑥  Collected objects: organization and individuals in the industry chains of IP operation, IP production, IP communication and IP application.

5. Fee

Fee: ¥800 (before September 1st)

Fee: ¥1000 (during September 1st to September 20th )



6. Format Requirement

   Download and fill in this form;

   Please submit attachment and provide detailed introduction of program, IP content, cooperation, innovation and achievement. Supported format: Word/PDF, PPT, picture and video


Application Form













IP copyright







Please provide states and introduction for program profile, procedure, achievement, innovation and IP contribution (within 2,000 words)















  7.Work Submission Procedure:

           Works submit to;

        ② Please call 010-85795627 to confirm

        ③    Pay the charge(after successfully submitted)